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Help Them Grow: 19 Powerful Ways to Build Confidence in Children

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Guest Post by Karin Hurt and David Dye I am a huge fan of questions! My early days as a training facilitator proved that not only did I learn more by asking great questions, but I could help others learn more with them as well. And that’s why I’m so excited about this guest post by my friends David Dye, Karin Hurt, and their 12-year-old son Sebastian. They’ve written a children’s book, Glowstone Peak, a story designed to build courage and leadership in children. To be honest, though, there are a lot of lessons for us adults as well. I hope …

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Today’s Burning Leadership Question: Are You a Flame or an Ember?

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Michael is a leader in a high-tech organization. He’s charismatic, affable, and the ideal networker due to his highly-social nature.  He gets along with nearly everyone and can lighten the mood of even the toughest meeting with his playfulness and sense of humor. Cara is a leader in the same organization. She’s lower-key and less likely to crack a joke. But she has a reputation for being fair and principled. Others know they can count on her for the straight scoop, even when it’s uncomfortable. Which leader leaves the best impression with others? Which would leave the best impression with …

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OCD: The Unexpected Trait That Employees Want (And Organizations Need ) Most In A Leader

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While obsessive-compulsive disorder may come in handy in some business settings, the ‘OCD’ that employees want most from their leaders is something very different. It’s an obsession with career development. According to a recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison, 91% of employees polled report that career development is among their top priorities. Being able to learn, grow, and expand their capacity is of vital importance to most individuals.  It’s also of vital importance to organizations interested in staying ahead of the customer demand curve, continuously improving products and services, and delivering shareholder value. Yet only a small percentage of employees are actually …

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10 Ways Running Can Make You a Better Leader

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Leadership is life. As a result, we can find lessons all around us that inform our ability to inspire, motivate, guide and deliver results through others. In the past, I’ve shared the connections I experience between leadership and my favorite avocation, paddle boarding.  Sandra Mills shares her connections between leading and running in today’s guest post. Effective leadership is important for successful team performance in business, education and sports. Personally and professionally, the ability to take control of the reins and set an inspiring example can benefit both the leader and those being led. Individuals who are seasoned runners probably already understand …

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Before Competence

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I finally got around to reading Before Happiness by Shawn Achor over the holidays. It’s an insightful book that describes how we must learn to see the world through a more positive lens which allows us to summon the motivation, emotion, and intelligence necessary to achieve happiness and success. The reading prompted me to begin considering the precursors of other fundamental success-driving factors… like competence. Competence is essential to workplace (or any-place) success. The ability to perform well and efficiently, proficiency, mastery, and expertise – it all lays a solid foundation for accomplishment and results. But competence doesn’t spontaneously appear; …

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