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Leading with Wholeness in a Disruptive World

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Guest Post by Wendy Tan I’m delighted to host this guest blog post from my friend, Wendy Tan, author of Wholeness in a Disruptive World. This really is a book whose time has come—at a time when we need it most. Wendy offers a wholistic/holistic look at at what it means not just to be successful and happy—but also human. Filled with practical, actionable and inspiring advice to support deep integration, Wholeness in a Disruptive World is a user’s manual for the soul for anyone operating in today’s fragmented, VUCA environment. Wendy’s post provides a great preview of her book …

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10 Ways Running Can Make You a Better Leader

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Leadership is life. As a result, we can find lessons all around us that inform our ability to inspire, motivate, guide and deliver results through others. In the past, I’ve shared the connections I experience between leadership and my favorite avocation, paddle boarding.  Sandra Mills shares her connections between leading and running in today’s guest post. Effective leadership is important for successful team performance in business, education and sports. Personally and professionally, the ability to take control of the reins and set an inspiring example can benefit both the leader and those being led. Individuals who are seasoned runners probably already understand …

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