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Recognizing ‘Robligation’

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rob·li·ga·tion /rˌäbləˈɡāSH(ə)n/ noun (invented) the heavy, suffocating experience of agreeing to a project or assignment only to realize that it hangs over your head, robbing you of the experience of joy until it’s completed It’s something I’ve experienced since high school; and I thought was my own unique brand of neurosis. I would take on a significant responsibility, assignment or task. I might have been excited about and even honored by it… until it became mine. Then, this potentially joyful and interesting opportunity would immediately transform into something very different—an obligation or duty I was somehow bound to until completion. …

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OCD: The Unexpected Trait That Employees Want (And Organizations Need ) Most In A Leader

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While obsessive-compulsive disorder may come in handy in some business settings, the ‘OCD’ that employees want most from their leaders is something very different. It’s an obsession with career development. According to a recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison, 91% of employees polled report that career development is among their top priorities. Being able to learn, grow, and expand their capacity is of vital importance to most individuals.  It’s also of vital importance to organizations interested in staying ahead of the customer demand curve, continuously improving products and services, and delivering shareholder value. Yet only a small percentage of employees are actually …

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Belief Opens Doors

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In your quest for career success, suppose you had to choose just one of the following: perfectly-honed skills, ideal opportunities, or someone who really believes in you.  Which would you pick? This is the question a friend recently posed, thinking it would spark an interesting debate. She was disappointed that this wasn’t a more intriguing or meaty topic for me. Or perhaps she was surprised that someone who’s dedicated her professional life to training and learning wouldn’t have automatically picked door #1. Without even thinking, I responded with what I know in my soul… that having someone who honestly and …

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