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Training, Learning, and Behavior Change

training and career development

Want to realize the promise – rather than the problems – associated with career development in your organization? What to offer leaders the skills they need to tap the motivation of each Want to see the concepts from Julie’s books come to life in your organization?

The right training and learning experiences can make this happen. We’re ready to help your leaders and employees re-conceive career development in today’s evolving workplace, expand what’s possible, build development into the daily workflow, and acquire the new skills required to engage in meaningful conversation and planning to support ongoing growth.

Our tailored offerings include custom keynote speeches, instructor-led workshops, webinars, e- and microlearning, phone apps, innovative new nano (text message based) options, and train-the-trainer formats.

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Make Learning Stick

The centerpiece of this learning system is our flexible e-Grow platform, filled with content-rich, bite-size audio, video, text, and activity-based resources that turn new skills into lasting habits. See dramatic development results when leaders acquire the mindset and tools required to help employees embrace an updated view of careers that will allow them to thrive.

Julie Winkle Giulioni Training Testimonial

"The highest level of creativity and professionalism combined with extensive practical experience."
- Chairman of the Board, Commercial Training Company

"I could not have met my business objectives without your. You are among my most trusted and valued business partners."
- Training Director, Technology Firm