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Julie will inspire and engage your leaders through her interactive, behavior-changing keynotes and facilitated sessions. Click below to get started.

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"Julie is amazing at what she does!"Liz Dick
SVP, Learning, Development and Culture Resources Global Professionals
"Julie is an interactive and engaging leader who is able to deliver a powerful message that resonates with her audience. Her ability to take a critical topic and deliver it to others leaves them with great knowledge and practical tools they are able to implement into their organization."Brent Kondritz
Director, Center for Leadership University of Dayton

Speaking Samples

"The Chief HR Officer's Group of Phoenix loved having Julie Giulioni facilitate a deep-dive conversation on career development and left with heads full of ideas! Julie deftly draws wisdom from the audience, engaging everyone present and raising their energy level along the way with inspiring insights and ah-HAH! moments."Dan Coben
Leader, Phoenix CHO Group

Keynotes and Facilitated Session Examples

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

In today’s business environment, talent is the major differentiator. And developing and retaining that talent is one of the most significant drivers of employee engagement… which in turn is the key to critical business outcomes like revenue, profitability, innovation, productivity, customer loyalty, quality, and cycle time.

Yet, despite its importance, leaders too frequently ignore the development imperative. Every day, employees who believe that their careers are not getting the attention they deserve make the decision to leave. Some resign to pursue employment in organizations that offer greater opportunity. But the more dangerous group stays and withdraws its engagement, motivation, and enthusiasm for the work.

So, what’s a leader to do? Plenty… and it may be easier than you expect. Quality career development boils down to quality conversations. Improve the conversation and career development follows… along with job satisfaction, retention and results.

Julie Winkle Giulioni demonstrates just how simple it can be and how to help managers build career development into everyday work life-where it belongs. Take-aways include tactical tips, research-based recommendations and verbal skills that make you more effective.

The 4 Raises that Fit Any Budgets

Today’s reality is that budgets are tight, raise pools are shallow, and even when business is going well, the new normal is considerably leaner than it used to be. Under these circumstances, leaders feel like their hands are tied when it comes to motivating and growing your employees. Without money…

How can you:

  • keep employees engaged?
  • reward their good work?
  • retain your best talent?

But here’s the truth: Engagement, recognition and retention don’t depend exclusively upon compensation. In fact, even if your budget is absolutely zero, there are still four ‘raises’ available to every single leader and manager in an organization.

This interactive talk explores proven strategies and specific actions that spark motivation, satisfaction and development. Based upon two decades of field research, Julie helps you make minor leader changes that lead to major business results.

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