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Rethinking Remote Relationships

According to a VitalSmarts survey of 1153 global workers reported in Harvard Business Review (April 2018), remote employees feel left out and disadvantaged as a result of their status. And it goes far beyond ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ In dramatically larger numbers than their co-located colleagues, remote employees feel that: Colleagues lobby against […]

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Who Knows What Employees Really Want?

For decades, articles, authors and studies have tried to help managers come to terms with how to motivate employees and drive optimal performance by understanding what employees really want and need from work. The list is long (and alphabetized for ease). Achievement and accomplishment Appreciation Autonomy and self-direction Being part of a team Boss they […]

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Redefine Results by Redefining Career Development

Given repeated rounds of downsizing, reorganizing, right sizing, and all of the other ‘zings’ that have befallen organizations, it’s easy to scan the landscape and come to the conclusion that career development options have shrunk… that they are few and far between for most employees.  After all: Delayering has left already lean organizations with fewer […]

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Curiosity is the New Black

Are you looking for a skill that’s always in style, goes with anything and makes a bold statement wherever it goes? Look no further; simply consider curiosity. Depending upon whom you ask, curiosity is defined as a competency, skill, quality, or emotion. It’s the capacity to demonstrate keen interest, an inquisitiveness spirit, an eager drive […]

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River of Much Return: Life lessons from a time at the tiller

Guest Post by Peter Moore I’m spending this week on a spring break adventure at the ocean with my family. So, it’s only fitting that Peter Moore, whom I recently met while speaking to the Pasadena Chapter of PIHRA, fill in for me with a story of his own vacation on the water… and the […]

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How Mindful Leaders Get Results

Guest Post by Scott Eblin This week’s guest post comes from Scott Eblin, author of the new bestselling Overworked and Overwhelmed. Scott’s message resonates with everyone in the workplace and his latest book offers research-based strategies designed to bring greater mindfulness to life.  One of the things I know for sure about leadership is that […]

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