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Meditation Alone Does Not a Mindful Leader Make

Mindfulness and meditation are quickly becoming mainstream in corporate America. The research is irrefutable that meditation contributes to positive outcomes along countless physical and mental health dimensions. And even the most traditional, conservative public and private enterprises are incorporating mindfulness and meditation into the cultures. Unfortunately, in the process, some confusion has arisen. Some people […]

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Training: The New School

Guest Post by Dr. Stacy Feiner I’m delighted to celebrate the launch of Talent Mindset with this guest post by Dr. Stacy Feiner.  In her just-released book, Stacy provides a step-by-step process for acquiring, developing and deploying people within any organization. It’s no-nonsense, in-the-trenches advice that will help any leader make the most of his […]

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Should the ‘Ship’ Sail on Leadership Development?

For decades, leadership development has been a significant focus of businesses worldwide. Billions of dollars and millions of hours have been invested in a wide range of activities to build the capacity and effectiveness of those charged with guiding and directing organizations and the people within them. But today, many organizations are implementing a small […]

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Be More Inspiring In Just Ten Minutes Per Day

Guest Post by Scott Edinger I’m delighted to host this guest post from a former colleague and thought leader, Scott Edinger. He and co-author Laurie Sain launch their book, The Hidden Leader: Discover and Develop Greatness Within Your Company, this week. It’s a practical, actionable guide for anyone who is interested in enhancing their own […]

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Momentum: Your Most Undervalued Asset

Guest post by John Bell This post celebrates the launch of former CEO John Bell’s new book, Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World.   It’s easy to preach about the merits of simplification, but John takes it to the next step with real-life examples and tactical advice about how to […]

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Has Professionalism Become Passé?

Over the past several years, a focus on authenticity has touched nearly every aspect of life. At work and at home, we try to ‘keep it real.’ In customer and employee interactions, we’re encouraged to remain genuine. Open, frank conversation is sought after and candor is valued. But has the pendulum swung too far? A […]

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