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How Mindful Leaders Get Results

Guest Post by Scott Eblin This week’s guest post comes from Scott Eblin, author of the new bestselling Overworked and Overwhelmed. Scott’s message resonates with everyone in the workplace and his latest book offers research-based strategies designed to bring greater mindfulness to life.  One of the things I know for sure about leadership is that […]

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Closing the “discretionary effort” gap

Be honest. If you had a gas or water leak, you’d fix it. If an investment was draining your portfolio, you’d sell. So, why are so many smart leaders willing to accept “discretionary effort” as an inevitable feature of — and drain on — business today? Why do we allow employee energy — a precious […]

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Rethinking 1 Key Belief That Erodes Motivation

Guest post by Susan Fowler This post celebrates the launch of Susan Fowler’s fascinating new book, Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging.  It was originally published on 8/5/2014 at www.leaderchat.org. Can you fill-in-the-blanks on these common workplace belief statements? It’s not personal, it […]

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Persistence and the Panoramic View

We’ve all read or heard about the inspirational stories of those who persevered through adversity, disappointment, and rejection but tried just one more time… and enjoyed tremendous payoffs as a result. Henry Ford went broke five times before founding Ford Motor Company. Dr. Seuss opened 27 rejection letters before publishing his first book. Walt Disney […]

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Looking for Lasting Commitment… Beyond Engagement

Leaders are enamored with employee engagement. They repeatedly conduct surveys to assess it and hold meetings to address it. Yet, despite the millions of dollars that are invested annually, engagement continues to be among employees’ biggest disappointments and management’s top challenges. Maybe it’s time to re-think our expectations… to reframe the issue… to take the […]

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Let’s Call a Truce… in the War for Talent

Maybe it’s due to world events and too much news of conflicts among nations. Or maybe it’s due to my conflict-adverse nature. Whatever the cause, war-based analogies today hold far less appeal to me in general.  And specifically, I’m feeling compelled to wave the white flag and call a truce in the war for talent. […]

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