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4 Raises that Fit Any Budget

A friend recently shared her disappointment that despite earning an ‘exceeds expectations’ on her annual performance appraisal, she received only a 1% salary increase. And she was one of the lucky ones. Some of her peers received no increase and others actually saw their hours decreased.

Managers everywhere are having to navigate this challenging organizational terrain—while continuing to drive business results. But the most effective leaders understand that limits on external motivators don’t have to limit their ability to tap internal sources of motivation. They realize that while pay raises might not be possible… there are four other ‘raises’ that are always at their disposal.

This brief video summarizes the four raises that fit any (or NO) budget. Take a look and tell me what you think!

8 comments on “4 Raises that Fit Any Budget

  1. Jacqueline Ledgister-Bethell on

    Exceptional, Julie!! I am writing the ending of a Leader Development module which I have entitled, “ENGAGE!” This is a fit PERFECT inclusion; PERFECT TIMING! Leaders ARE able to offer some… incredibly valuable raises.

    And notice I have omitted the “ship” from “leader”; you left a lasting mark with that article, Julie. I refer to it often. Time for the “ship” to sail… and reframe the discussion around the development of the leader as an individual.

    This video is a homerun, Julie!


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