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Exploring the Myths of Team Building in the Digital Age

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Guest Post by Crystal Kadakia I’m really excited to introduce you to a new Berrett-Koehler author, Crystal Kadakia, who is launching her first book, The Millennial Myth, this week. Crystal’s book is a refreshing take on the current media hype surrounding this now largest segment of today’s workplace. Her message resonates deeply for me given my research last year into generational differences—which, as it turned out, pointed instead to overwhelming similarities Millennials, GenXers and Baby Boomers all share. Here’s a brief article from Crystal that will introduce you to her thoughtful themes and compelling style.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Millennial Myth and …

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Is it Time to Kill off ‘Career’?

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Each year, Merriam-Webster and others add countless new words to the dictionary. But, are words ever deleted? If so, I might suggest ‘career’ as a possible contender. Used in conjunction with so many other terms – like development, progression, success, etc. – in recent years, ‘career’ has contributed to untold dissatisfaction, disengagement, demotivation, and general angst in the workplace. The Problem: Over the past decade, the workplace has experienced seismic shifts: Leaner, meaner organizations are the norm. Layers of leadership have been removed. In many industries and segments, attrition lags behind expectations due to baby boomers working longer. At the …

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