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How to Build Business Acumen on a Budget

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The complexity, connectivity and pace of business today demand that employees and leaders understand their work like never before. This goes beyond “corporate speak” and buzzword vocabulary; everyone in today’s organizations must have a working knowledge of the strategy and how that translates to the bottom-line. This is why business acumen is among the most searched and sought-after competencies by those looking to build their skills and an edge. The good news is that an MBA is not the only option. There are countless ways to acquire the knowledge critical to success, even if time and funds are running short. …

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Recognizing ‘Robligation’

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rob·li·ga·tion /rˌäbləˈɡāSH(ə)n/ noun (invented) the heavy, suffocating experience of agreeing to a project or assignment only to realize that it hangs over your head, robbing you of the experience of joy until it’s completed It’s something I’ve experienced since high school; and I thought was my own unique brand of neurosis. I would take on a significant responsibility, assignment or task. I might have been excited about and even honored by it… until it became mine. Then, this potentially joyful and interesting opportunity would immediately transform into something very different—an obligation or duty I was somehow bound to until completion. …

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