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Announcing ChatJWG – Our Own ‘GrowBot’ is at Your Service


I’m not going to lie. When I was first introduced to ChatGPT, it absolutely terrified me. Was it going to:

  • Automate the task and talent of writing that I find joy in?
  • Transform my craft into a commodity?
  • Render a skill set I’ve worked hard to hone irrelevant?

Rather than sit with the fear, my team and I took action, investing every ounce of curiosity we could muster in learning about the capability and exploring its limitations. We played and explored in an effort to identify clear applications and use cases where AI could add real value to our clients and community.

Introducing GrowBot

Today we’re excited to introduce a new member of the family, our own GrowBot with the capability to answer career and leadership development questions exclusively from my point of view. We’ve partnered with CustomChatGPT to draw upon my intellectual property – 12 years of articles, blog posts, workshops, models, and more – to generate actionable advice managers and leaders need.

How is it different from ChatGPT?

Our GrowBot:

  • Has access to up-to-the-minute current information, not just what was available through 2021.
  • Offers citations for reference and a deeper dive.
  • Avoids ‘hallucinations’ and strange responses because the insights are drawn exclusively from a trusted source: ME!

I hope you’ll take a moment to meet our GrowBot (which lives in the lower right corner of my website), ask a few of your most pressing questions, and see how our custom ChatJWG can support your career and leadership development.

AI in the Workplace

For many of us, AI is intimidating. But working through the fear and anxiety can yield creative applications of this fast-evolving technology – applications that serve customers and clients better while freeing us up to add the unique value that only we – as real, living, breathing humans – are capable of. My latest FastCompany article offers strategies for embracing the change. You can read it here.

Learn more about GrowBot in this short video.


  1. Amazing Julie Congratulations!!

  2. Love the GrowBot idea!! He did a great job answering my question and I loved the link directly to the blog if I wanted more information.

    • Thanks so much, Therese. I appreciate the breadcrumb trail back to the content in the form of those links too! I’m anxious to hear how you might use it.

  3. This is a wonderful resource! I just asked it 3 test questions and the responses are spot on and the ability to view the sources of the responses…bees knees!

    Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.

  4. So many fear this new technology, viewing it through a lens of scarcity. You are viewing it through the lens of prosperity…bravo!! I love how you embraced the power of ChatGPT and using it to be a valuable resource to your readers and clients. Thanks for making this available…and for free…for those of us coaching and training in this space.

    • Thank you, Marty. I’m excited to see how people use the evolving technology and welcome your feedback going forward!

  5. What an awesome way to blend the expertise that can only come from deep human experience with cutting edge technology! Excited to have this tool as a reference and advisor as I grow as a manager!

    • Thank you, Diane. I love the way you’ve framed the value of mining that nexus… and look forward to hearing how it works for you!

  6. Hi Julie!

    I attended your session in Minnesota through the ATD chapter on Promotions are SO yesterday. I also chatted briefly with you at the conference in San Diego and was excited to get a deck of your amazing cards! 🙂 I am starting to do some planning for Leadership for 2024 and am wondering if you have any further information. We would want the session you did for the Minnesota ATD (loved all the interaction you provided there!). I will be starting some budget planning soon so would love to chat with you more about this at your convenience.

    Thank you!

  7. It’s a good attempt, and can answer the simplest of questions posed to it (read: 1-liners). Anything greater than 1 line or any attempt that tries to tie a previous answer into a more probing question is met with, “I’m sorry, but I can’t provide the help you’re looking for.”

    And while the advice is decent, IMO, it’s not complete when you begin to dig in. I asked about how to deal with a negative manager… and from the reply I asked if the advice should change if the manager is a VP? I was told, nope. The advice is good for all layers of managers. While this is true at the base, a VP is usually under more stress, confined to tighter schedules, may be too busy to give you the time needed for initial inquiries, etc. It seems like the answers should lean back toward your High School speech class and knowing your audience. Maybe be a little more patient when waiting for replies, set up a 1:1 meeting with an agenda, avoid defensiveness if ideas are rejected, be graceful in handling criticism, the higher up the leader… the more you may need to play the long-game in earning credibility.

    But since this AI engine is limited to only your bodies of work, I understand the responses will only include suggestions you’ve made previously. (kudos for citing sources! LOVE that!) It might be interesting to see if you could open up the learning model to other authors that you feel akin to? Either way, great job taking advantage of this new technology!

    • Thanks for your feedback. It’s all a work in progress so your experience and ideas are very valuable. I appreciate you taking the time to share and look forward to continue to experiment in this space with generous input like this.


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