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It wasn’t that long ago that the currency of careers was clear. Employees had a fairly uniform set of expectations; and even though managers frequently found themselves unable to deliver the desired titles, promotions, compensation, and perks, at least they knew what their people wanted.

If you’re a manager or leader, you likely feel caught between a rock and a hard place on a daily basis. Meeting escalating customer demands with de-escalating resources. Fostering future innovation while operating within today limiting policies and practices.

Reading Arianna Huffington’s newsletter last weekend, I was reminded of Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella’s caution just a short time into the work-from-home experiment ushered in by the global pandemic. During those early days, he anticipated risks, suggesting that we should “be on the lookout for what is lost.” What’s been lost as a result of […]

I recently visited a trendy new restaurant with friends. Arriving a bit early, we decided to grab a drink, but there was no menu in sight. The mixologist (James) explained that this was by design and offered to create the perfect cocktail for each of us. He began by ‘interviewing’ each of us about our […]