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Facilitating from Afar - Making The Most Of Virtual Meetings

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Virtual meetings were already a frequent feature within the business landscape. Now they’ve overtaken other methods to quickly become the go-to strategy for communicating and connecting with an increasingly remote workforce.

But, what many leaders are discovering is that mastering the technology is just a drop in the ocean of what makes for a highly effective virtual meeting. Taking their skills to the next level means knowing how to:

  • Help people prepare so they can actively participate in meetings remotely
  • Solve meaty problems with people dialing in from locations far and wide
  • Cultivate active, constructive engagement and dialogue
  • Plan actionable next steps and make sure they really happen when people scatter post-meeting
  • Decide if another meeting is even necessary

If you’re ready to enhance your effectiveness as a leader—and the effectiveness of the meetings you lead—download our complimentary e-toolkit, Facilitating from Afar: Making the Most of Virtual Meetings. In it, you’ll find ten tools, a self-assessment to calibrate your current approach, multiple templates, and countless strategies for taking your skills and your meetings to the next level.

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