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Media Interviews

Leadership Freak with Dan Rockwell

How to Challenge People

Every manager wants to know how to challenge people. Competitive business environments require greater productivity and efficiency. High expectations are table stakes. But how might you challenge people and create an environment where they thrive? Listen to Julie’s responses in this interview with Dan Rockwell.

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LinkedIn Live with Whitney Johnson

Calm Amidst The Chaos: LinkedIn Live

In an interview with Whitney Johnson about Promotions Are So Yesterday, Julie shares the multidimensional career framework and explains how if you only see career development in terms of promotions, you are leaving a large group of employees behind.

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How I Got Hired with Sonal Bahl

Why ‘Promotions Are So Yesterday’

In this interview with Sonal Bahl, Julie shares the details of her own career, her favorite roles, and what made her ‘trade in the illusion of security for the illusion of freedom’ to venture out on her own. Learn how the idea for Promotions Are So Yesterday came about, and the answer is quite personal.

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Out of the Comfort Zone with Wanda Wallace

Career Growth

Frustrated with your lack of growth in your career? Or, as a manager, are you frustrated that your team isn’t satisfied with their development? Maybe, it’s time to look at growth through a new lens – one that affords more than the traditional 1- and 2-D views of career development.

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Love in Action with Marcel Schwantes

Promotions Are So Yesterday

IA facilitative mindset acknowledges there is wisdom, insights, and brilliant ideas inside each person just waiting to find expression. In this podcast, Julie explores how leaders can act as a facilitator of the development people crave.

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