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Career development is one of the most powerful tools L&D professionals have to make a difference — for employees and the organization. But as the world of work has changed, so too has our relationship with careers.

Everyone loves a good “two-for-the-price-of-one” deal. Perhaps that’s why experience-based learning is such a critical element of the L&D ecosystem. It allows people to transform (learn, grow and develop new skills) while they perform — making it the ultimate workplace “two-fer.”

Learning professionals and functional leaders can help others leverage the power of practice into their professional development. Consider these simple yet powerful strategies.

Today’s L&D professionals must be more intentional, creative and flexible than ever before to meet organizational challenges and take advantage of innovations and newly available development options. Rather than delivering a “completed picture” or the comprehensive training events of the past, they must parse learning out differently, more incrementally, as interconnected pieces that learners put […]

Many of the creative training methods employed over the past year in response to pressing business needs have turned out to favor more introverted learners. And, for many, it might seem only fair and appropriate for the pendulum to linger on the quiet learning side for a bit. But the real opportunity before L&D professionals […]

As employees become more independent and self-directed in their learning, leaders must step up to an expanded role.