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In a world where we’re bombarded daily with research studies, opinions and news about employee dissatisfaction, it’s easy to internalize a bleak picture of workforce sentiment: stress, burnout, mental health challenges, absenteeism, disengagement, attrition. And while very real for many employees (and employers), it’s not the complete picture.

The most transformative role I ever held was as a member of the Zenger Miller product development team. Those who’ve been in the learning and development field for a while will recognize the name. Founded by Jack Zenger, the organization was at the forefront of commercial leadership and management training, offering an extensive library of […]

Even as a child, I remember being horrified at the phrase, “killing two birds with one stone.” The otherwise gentle people in my life took on sinister personas when discussing matters of efficiency. So, imagine my delight when shortly after entering the workforce, a British colleague introduced the kinder and gentler alternative, “feeding two birds […]

If there’s any truth to the adage, “The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire,” we must be cultivating the greatest careers imaginable — because, let’s face it, it’s pretty hot out there. Massive reductions in the workforce in some sectors and impossible-to-fill positions in others. Customer demands outstripping supply chain capacity for some […]

The past three years of cascading crises have introduced a visceral understanding of just how volatile and unpredictable the workplace can be. People have had more time for reflection and introspection. And we’ve spent hours looking at our own video images thanks to virtual platforms. Is it any wonder that many employees are experiencing a dip in […]