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While it may feel like you’ve got all the cards right now, top talent—the people you desperately want and need—will always have the upper hand. Your good work and progress over the past few years can quickly evaporate if you wield your returning power in less-than-benevolent ways.

Explore this roundup for accessible best practices any organization can adopt.

The Great Resignation is making it hard to keep talented employees—but there are things you can do to make your company tough to leave.

How reframing career-development talks can help you retain your best employees and help them succeed.

Meetings—a perennial and important feature of the business landscape—have only become more critical in today’s remote and hybrid environments. Unfortunately, according to many leaders and employees, they’ve not become any more effective. Conventional thinking has contributed to the lackluster state of meetings today. Therefore, I believe unconventional thinking is the solution. Leaders who want to get […]

It once seemed like artificial intelligence (AI) was a futuristic dream. Now it seems like a ubiquitous workplace reality. ChatGPT and its variants have quickly hit the mainstream and, in the process, have inspired a range of reactions, emotions, and concerns. Is AI accurate? Private? Biased? Secure? Ethical? But most important to many: Is it […]