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Developing Multidimensional Careers: Beyond, Between, and Beyond Promotions Facilitator Central

Promotions Are SO YesterdayWelcome to Facilitator Central, your one-stop resource to support your success as you prepare to deliver the Developing Multidimensional Careers Workshop. Here you can…

  • Learn more about the workshop
  • Understand your organization’s licensing agreements and commitments
  • Share information about and order materials for your upcoming workshops
  • Access the resources you’ll need for the successful facilitation of the workshop

If you have any questions or concerns, contact taryn@juliewinklegiulioni.com.

About the Developing Multidimensional Careers Workshop

The time-honored tradition of defining career development exclusively in terms of promotions, moves, and title changes is dead. What lives on, however, are unrealistic expectations from this outdated mindset, leaving employees disengaged, managers disempowered, and organizations disadvantaged as they struggle to retain talent. The time has come to finally shed yesterday’s limited view of career development and find ways to enable the growth people and organizations need today.

The good news is that beyond, between, and besides the climb up the corporate ladder, there are countless other ways that employees want to grow. This workshop focuses on an easy-to-apply, research-based multidimensional career framework. This updated framework features seven alternatives to promotions — contribution, competence, connection, confidence, challenge, contentment, and choice — all of which offer powerful ways to grow that, unlike promotions, are completely within a manager’s control.

For more information, download the flyer.

Agreements and Commitments

The Developing Multidimensional Careers Workshop may only be delivered in organizations with an active licensing agreement. Additionally, the workshop must be delivered by Developing Multidimensional Careers Workshop certified facilitators.

If you’ve not completed the facilitator preparation and certification process or not certain about the status of your organization’s agreement, please contact training@juliewinklegiulioni.com.

For more information, download this flyer.