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Multidimensional Career Toolkit

Our Multidimensional Career Toolkit will allow you to…

  • Choose from a menu of ways to engage others in career development with an easy-to-use Resource Guide that provides step-by-step instructions on using the Multidimensional Career Card Decks. From interactive self-assessment to creative goal setting, this guide offers what you need to maximize the cards’ and your people’s potential.
  • Align meaningful activities with common workplace scenarios. Whether facilitating team-building sessions, overcoming development roadblocks, or sparking innovation, this process adapts to your needs.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, sharing insights and tips for utilizing the toolkit’s components most effectively. Our social sharing feature ensures an always-growing repository of ideas to help those in your organization grow.

This Multidimensional Career Toolkit is for you if you're a…

  • Learning and development, talent management, or human resources professional
  • Independent coach or consultant
  • Mentor
  • Manager, project manager or team lead

Price: $349

Shipping & handling within the US included.

“The best tool out there for updating and simplifying how we approach career development.”

Talent Manager

“Fun activities that brought so much life to this topic in workshops with managers and employees.”

Director, Learning & Development

“These immersive and engaging activities updated my team’s mindset and view of development possibilities.”


Includes Resource Guide and 5 Multidimensional Career Card Decks

PRICE: $349

Shipping & handling within the US included

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