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Multidimensional Career Card Deck

Multidimensional Career Card Deck

Multidimensional Career Card Deck

Greater engagement and development are literally in your hands with this Multidimensional Career Card Deck. Whether you’re an individual contributor, manager, or talent management professional, you can expand your thinking – and the thinking of those around you – as you ‘play’ with countless fun and interactive ways to create the positive and empowering experience of work that everyone wants.

The 50 Engagement & Development Strategy cards outline doable strategies to introduce more motivation and growth into anyone’s role. And the 8 Activator cards turn development ideas into concrete steps forward.

Use Multidimensional Career Card Deck to:

● Encourage interactive self-assessment
● Enable more creative goal setting
● Facilitate icebreakers and team-building sessions
● Overcome development roadblocks
● Spark new ways to grow

Price: $34.99
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Volume discounts are available. Contact info@juliewinklegiulioni.com for details.

Order your Multidimensional Career Card Deck today to help yourself and others enjoy the engagement and satisfaction that comes with active career development and growth.