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Up Was Never for Everyone

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Guest Post by Beverly Kaye, Lindy Williams and Lynn Cowart I’m delighted to celebrate the launch of Beverly Kaye’s new book, Up is Not the Only Way, with this excerpt. Bev is a legend in the career development field and I feel fortunate to have co-authored Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go with her. In her latest book she explores the case for (and opportunities associated with) considering growth in non-vertical ways. I’m certain you’ll enjoy this preview and her take on this timely topic. Careers used to be predictable. There were paths and ladders. The hierarchy worked – for …

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Team, Group, or Train Wreck?

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Teams and teamwork are among the most frequently written about and searched for topics in business today. From senior executives to frontline supervisors, leaders everywhere are looking for strategies to get the most from others. The first and most fundamental challenge they face lies in vocabulary… because the term ‘team’ is used very casually and with little precision. In most organizations, any collection of people is referred to as a ‘team’; yet very few of them actually are. Many are just groups… and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others, however, are complete train wrecks. Consider Your Collection What about the …

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