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“Pop-ups”: A Promising Model for Development

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Have you noticed the recent trend toward “pop-up” establishments? Over the holidays, I shopped in pop-up stores and ate in pop-up restaurants, and so did many other people. It’s a phenomenon in which retailers, chefs or other entrepreneurs temporarily take over a space to operate their businesses. They’re only there for one night or perhaps a whole season, and then they move on. Pop-ups are an ideal way to take advantage of a market or customer base and to seize a promising prospect quickly. Pop-ups are nimble — able to adjust and respond to changing conditions. They don’t rely upon …

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Want to Institutionalize Career Development? Look for (or Cultivate) these Cultural Markers

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Global field research over the past decade consistently leads to the same conclusion: The simple human act of helping people grow has become very complicated. Processes overshadow people. Deadlines trump genuine development. And a checklist mentality competes with creating authentic connections. But interviews with and input from thousands of leaders worldwide offer a different view of what’s needed to support genuine and sustainable career development. When asked specifically what helped them develop most powerfully, 8500+ leaders offered these observations. At its core, career development is all about conversation, commitment, opportunities, and culture. And organizations that understand this enjoy a range …

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