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The Kids’ Table

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What happened to ‘employee involvement’? Has it gone out of vogue?  Has it been replaced by new initiatives?  These are questions I’ve come up against recently as I’ve worked with organizations across a variety of industries. The most pointed (and poignant) way I’ve heard the issue raised was from a gracious, intelligent, capable professional who shared: “I feel like they’re making me sit at the kids’ table.” We all can relate to this. Remember those awkward ‘tween years when you weren’t grown up enough to join the adults but were clearly too grown up to eat with the kiddies with …

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Which Would you Rather?

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My daughter’s favorite way to pass the time on long trips is the game ‘Would You Rather.’ If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing, here’s a quick primer. One person asks the question, “Would you rather” followed by two equally unsavory choices. Example: Would you rather… eat peanut butter from between the dog’s toes or never again eat chocolate? Or, would you rather… be bitten all over your body by fire ants or stung all over by bees? You can appreciate the difficult choices. It got me thinking about tough choices. For instance, if you had to choose to give …

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