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What’s Your Disposition Toward Development?


Leaders can’t help but bring their general disposition or temperament to work. And that disposition drives everything they do. How they run meetings. How they set goals. How they organize projects. And how they grow people.

Developing others is among a leader’s most critical responsibilities, and the most valuable contribution they can make to the organization. Yet, too frequently, development gets sidelined with excuses that range from ‘no time’ to ‘no promotions available’. No wonder so many employees are dissatisfied with the experience.

But what’s really behind the extent to which leaders engage in development (or not) has little to do with what’s happening in the world around them but rather what’s happening in the world within them – in their heads and hearts. Some leaders simply have a development disposition. They bring a talent-driving temperament to all that they do. Do you?

When it comes to getting to know employees and their goals, offering feedback, coaching, and co-creating experiences that offer growth….

Are You More… Or…
Generous Grudging
Selfless Stingy
Charitable Cheap
Abundant All about me
Free Frugal




If you find yourself leaning toward the left column, congratulations. Your disposition tends toward development and your people – and results – likely reflect that.  If, however, you are more of a ‘right column’ leader, it’s time to temper your temperament with some new actions and orientations. Why not try…

  • Speaking with each employee to make sure you understand their definitions of success.
  • Seeking out collaborations with colleagues that offer more varied developmental experiences for your people.
  • Remembering that talent is an enterprise-wide resource and reframe ‘losing’ someone to another department.

Cultivating a generous development disposition may result in growing good people who’ll move on. But, it will also generate a reputation and employment brand that will attract a steady stream of top talent…just want’s needed for your new temperament.

Originally Published in Leadership Freak


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