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The Value of Visibility


If you’re a leader, you likely struggle to find creative and effective ways to help your employees grow. Formal training can be expensive and time-consuming. Informal training sometimes lacks the focus and application required to make the investment pay off. And the stretch assignments and projects that typically characterize experience-based learning require significant ongoing support over time.

Want to offer an employee a targeted burst of development? Consider setting him or her up with an opportunity for visibility. Whether it’s attending a high-profile meeting, representing you with a key customer, or presenting at an upcoming conference, the intensity associated with visibility:

  • Facilitates tremendous focus and attention;
  • Taps emotions and emotional commitment;
  • Overcomes self-imposed barriers as a result of the pressure to perform;
  • Magnifies learning;
  • Communicates confidence and builds trust; and
  • Allows people to gain an appreciation (very quickly) of what they’re truly capable of.

My recent article in The Economist explores this topic and considers a few simple steps leaders can take to leverage visibility for learning.

Image: (c) Can Stock Photo / Enki


  1. Julie, great topic and article…so simple yet so powerful in the development process. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Liz…. something for us to talk about and maybe incorporate into our thinking!


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