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It’s Time to Recalibrate Your Career Conversation Cadence


Short on time but committed to helping your employees develop and grow? Watch this 3-minute video based upon my classic article, Developing Your Employees is Like Brushing Your Teeth.

Growth, learning, and career development continue become increasingly important requirements of employees in today’s workplace. In fact, in a recent study I conducted, career development was rated as ‘very important’ by more than 90% of the nearly 500 individuals surveyed.

While organizations and leaders appreciate the important role development plays in terms of retention, engagement, productivity today and future-proofing the workforce for tomorrow, they continue to grapple with how to make it happen. Annual processes have become an overwhelming ordeal for many. Cumbersome systems can undermine the human connection. And, given heavy workloads, 24/7 operations, and remote working relationships, many leaders and employees find it impossible to carve out 60 precious minutes – even for something as important as development.

But, the good news is that there’s actually a better, more effective and more doable way of approaching career development – one that’s organic and calibrated to the speed of business. Career conversations can be short and iterative, layering insights, focus, and actions over time… in a way that can sink in and take hold more effectively than what can be accomplished by the annual ‘drinking from the firehose’ approach.

Check out my latest explainer video (special thanks to creator/producer, Scott Moe,) and see if it doesn’t inspire a different career conversation cadence – or perhaps the urge to go brush your teeth!




  1. This is AWESOME!!! Well done, Julie!


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