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Confluent, Convergent Communication


I love it when things flow together. Ingredients in a recipe. People on a team. Colors on a canvas.  Activity streams on a project plan. There’s something magical about different personalities, flavors, events, qualities blending together to create something new – a sum that is greater than and very distinct from its parts.

So, you can imagine my fascination with what continues to transpire around how information gets communicated. The past decade has been an era of confluent, convergent communication. Education and entertainment have in many ways merged into innovative new ways to help people learn. The line between information and influence is increasingly blurred. E-books mimic portals. Conversation – once considered a verbal endeavor – has taken a silent but powerful turn with the use of technology… frequently in 140 characters or fewer. The clear and simple way we used to think about communication continues to morph into fascinating, flowing new forms.

Enter 33Voices. Founded by visionary Moe Abdou, this ‘global conversation about things that matter in business and life’ is intended to create a lasting impact by ‘keeping important ideas moving’. Each day, 33Voices uploads another interesting and insightful interview on a variety of thought-provoking topics.

I had the honor and pleasure of being interviewed by Moe last month. His style, passion, and skill are impressive… and the output of our time together epitomizes this idea of confluent, convergent communication.

33Voices isn’t content with just uploading an audio file. Instead they ‘visualize’ the interview, extracting big ideas, developing an engaging slideshare deck, publishing sound bites, and making the information eminently digestible. Blending multiple media creates an innovative communication vehicle… one that is ideally suited for today’s busy, ‘net it out for me’ society.

Innovations like what’s happening at 33Voices will continue to inspire new and different blends of methods, media, and more that we can’t even yet imagine.

What about you? What’s the impact of confluent, convergent communication on you and your work? What innovations have you experienced? What innovations can you imagine?



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