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An Agile Approach to Development Planning

Agility is in high demand in today’s workplace. The ability to nimbly pivot when confronted by new or changing dynamics is quickly becoming a core competency for leaders and employees alike. And it makes sense given the complex and unpredictable environment in which we work.

But, you know what’s also complex and unpredictable? The employment landscape. Today’s jobs may be automated tomorrow. That role you’ve been working toward for years may evaporate. And positions we can’t even imagine have yet to be invented.

As a result, tried-and-true career planning processes must give way to more fluid ways of growing and developing within an organization.

In my latest SmartBrief article, I explore the idea of agile development planning – a process that yields a living, breathing tool that guides employees toward making development a regular part of their lives.

While I firmly believe that form itself is less important than the conversation behind it, employees and leaders alike are looking for a way to capture (if only in pencil) agreements and steps forward. As a result, I’ve developed this planning template. You might find it to be a helpful starting point for capturing ideas and guiding a rich development dialogue. Check out the complete SmartBrief article, Agile Development Planning, for the recommended steps for working collaboratively toward agile development planning.

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