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October 2021 Leadership Development Carnival

leadership development carnival graphicNine years ago when I launched my first book, I was invited to participate in this Leadership Development Carnival. And I was completely confused about what kind of circus I was signing up for. Since then, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this monthly celebration of timely and insightful ideas from remarkable authors, consultants, coaches, and friends who are actively advancing the field of leadership development.

So, it feels right to host this month’s Carnival as I announce my next book, Promotions Are So Yesterday: Redefine Career Development. Help Employees Thrive. In honor of the new book, we’ve invited contributors to offer their thoughts on careers and career development as well as the usual themes of productivity, development, creativity, engagement, and communication.

Enjoy this month’s best thinking from 30 leadership development experts. You’re in for a treat! And feel free to pass the Carnival along to others who might benefit from the important ideas being shared.


Is Work Broken? – Paula Kiger of Big Green Pen

The pandemic has given us all a new angle through which to explore our thoughts about work. Gumroad is a company that doesn’t believe in meetings, benefits, or corporate culture. That may be the extreme, but it’s a good lens through which to explore our own relationship with careers. Connect with Paula on Twitter @biggreenpen.


What to Boost your Confidence? – Marina Jankovic

When you exercise courage consistently, the foundation of confidence will form. You become confident by pushing through psychological discomfort when you show up, regardless of the outcome. Read how to apply this approach to developing your career. Connect with Marina on Linkedin.


Why We Still Can’t Get Career Development Right – Julie Winkle Giulioni 

Yet again, organizations, talent professionals, and leaders have to face the hard data and hard reality that we’ve still not cracked the code on what matters most to employees: career opportunities. It’s not for lack of effort. Companies are investing extraordinary resources in skills training, portals, online systems, and processes designed to make this happen. And it all falls short. Find out why. Connect on Twitter @Julie_WG.




A Coachable Mindset Begins With HUNGERSean Glaze of Great Results Team Building

When you do not have a coachable mindset, you remain stuck and find excuses for the lack of results that stubbornness delivers. And for people that work with un-coachable coworkers, there is a constant struggle that comes with enduring the behaviors of someone who refuses to change. It is no fun working with someone who says to themselves or their team “that’s just how I am.” Connect with Sean on Twitter @leadyourteam.


Back to the Future: Are You a Theory Xer or Yer? Jim Taggart of Changing Winds

As the world evolves so too must those in leadership and managerial positions. New ideas and concepts will always be critically important to organizations and more broadly society as new technological, geo-political and environmental challenges present themselves. Connect with Jim on Twitter @JlcTaggart.


Leadership Caffeine: Is There a Leadership Reset Button? – Art Petty

Your workplace is a great living laboratory. If your heart and mind are in the right place, and if you are courageous enough to ask those around you for help, it’s possible in some circumstances to get a do-over as a leader. Remember to ask your team for help. Connect with Art on Twitter @artpetty.


Six Habits of Highly Successful Virtual and Hybrid TeamsKarin Hurt and David Dye of Let’s Grow Leaders

Highly successful hybrid and virtual teams have one thing in common. They work at it. Each team member commits to working on the team while working on the work. Everything is deliberate. And when it’s not working, they slow down and fix it. Connect with them on Twitter @letsgrowleaders.


Good Comes First: Leaders Model the Culture they WantChris Edmonds of The Purposeful Culture Group

The best leaders by far we’ve discovered over the years and now with Good Comes First are the mentor-based leaders, the servant leaders. That’s why mentorship is so important within Good Comes First. If you say that one of our values is we respect each other enough to show up on time and to be fully present, you have to follow the rules you set. Connect with Chris on Twitter @scedmonds.


Use a 360-Degree Approach to Get Feedback on Leading ChangeJon Lokhorst of Lokhorst Consulting

Often our expectations are violated by others. Learning to focus on our expectations and challenging the thinking behind them will help us improve our emotional intelligence and learn more about ourselves. Rapid, constant change makes it difficult for leaders to gauge their effectiveness, especially when many of their team members are working remotely. The best leaders address this challenge by obtaining feedback from the people who experience their leadership. A 360-degree approach to feedback offers insights to ensure continuous improvement as a leader. Connect with Jon on Twitter @jonlokhorst.


Stress Fractures – Identifying the Cracks in Your Personal FoundationDr. Bill Donahue

Stress fractures are rarely problematic – until placed under pressure. Life, love and work are no different. We dismiss a little fatigue, ignore the frustration of constant schedule changes, justify taking on extra work, deny relational tension, and just keep pushing ahead. Connect with Bill on Twitter @drbilldonahue.


It’s Like Riding a Bike – Jon Verbeck

Running a business is like riding a bike. Sometimes, you are pushing a reasonable pace with your eyes focused on the road ahead. Sometimes you are cranking up a hill, watching your feet push the pedals. And sometimes, you coast and enjoy the ride. Now is not the time to coast. Connect with Jon on Twitter @jonverbeck1.


Following the EvidenceKen Byler of Higher Ground Consulting Group

Today’s organizations often suffer from poor or under-performing supervision. Wouldn’t it make sense to demand some evidence that a person deserves to be a leader? Connect with Ken on LinkedIn.


Mediocre Ideas DominateNeal Burgis of Successful Solutions

Being mediocre in generating ideas doesn’t necessarily mean your ideas are just OK. Great ideas aren’t necessarily the result of highly paid think tanks. Sometimes they are unexpected moments of inspiration that help keep the napkin companies in business. Connect with Neal on Twitter @exec_solutions.




How Do You Tailor Job Enrichment To Individuals And Their Needs? –  Dr. Beverly Kaye

Anytime an individual shows aptitude or interest in a particular aspect of their current position and wants to get better, it opens up a chance to make that opportunity a reality. Connect with Beverly on Twitter @BeverlyLKaye.


Want Great Ideas from a Team? Flip the Script –  Jennifer V Miller

Nobody wants to waste time on a stinker of an idea. Here’s a process leaders can use to get great ideas from their teams. Connect with Jennifer on Twitter @JenniferVMiller.


Hope Employees Will Return to the Office? Start Here.Michael Lee Stallard

If leaders hope to convince employees to return to the office after the pandemic, then they need to create a culture that is so engaging that employees want to be there. Here are some best practices for creating the type of culture that will make your office an engaging workplace environment. Connect with Michael on Twitter @michaelstallard.


Surveying When Times Are ToughAngela Hummel of Angela Hummel Consulting

Providing a space for employees to share their concerns is integral to your success as a leader and as an organization especially during busy, challenging, and trying times. So, embrace feedback, seek it out, and view it as a gift. Employee surveys are powerful tools for leading change. Connect with Angela on Twitter @AngelaJHummel.


Shifting Work MotivationsPriscilla Archangel of Archangel & Associates

It’s difficult to determine what the future of work will look like, but leaders must be proactive and open to new approaches, transparent about what is and is not effective, and responsive to the individual needs of their team members. Leaders need to understand the shifting motivations of employees, adjust their work models to fit them, and remember that they too are employees first. They have the same needs. Connect with Priscilla on Twitter @PrisArchangel.




Can Managing Your Expectations Improve Your Emotional Intelligence?John Stoker of DialogueWORKS

Often our expectations are violated by others. Learning to focus on our expectations and challenging the thinking behind them will help us improve our emotional intelligence and learn more about ourselves. Connect with John on Twitter @JohnRStoker.


Acts and Facts: A Workplace Communication Must – Diana Peterson-More

Over the many years whether working as a management employment lawyer, human resources executive or consultant I have read proposed disciplinary letters that include phrases such as “You are being given a verbal warning for unprofessional conduct;” or “your ongoing inappropriate behavior is unacceptable and if it happens again, you will be terminated,” among others. All come from a place of authenticity: the supervisors have observed conduct that is unacceptable in the specific workplace. However, something is missing – the underlying facts that led to those conclusions. If a third party were to read it, would she or he get the picture? Connect with Diana on Twitter @DianaPMAuthor.


The Dreaded Perfect Entrepreneur – Braden Kelley

“Perfect is the enemy of good” is a quote usually attributed to Voltaire. He actually wrote that the “best is the enemy of the good” (il meglio è nemico del bene) and cited it as an old Italian proverb in 1770, but the phrase was translated into English as “perfect” and made its way into common parlance in that form. Connect Braden on Twitter @innovate.




“Attitude is everything” is true for leadership tooRobyn McLeod of Thoughtful Leaders Blog

Find actions that leaders can take to change their attitude when it’s getting in their way. Connect with Robyn on Twitter @ThoughtfulLdrs.


The Power to Make Choices is In Your Hands Henry Mukuti of Insakanet

We live our lives based of the choices and decisions we make every day. The choices and decisions we make largely determine the quality of the lives we live. Connect with Henry on Twitter @hjm32471.


Mirror, Mirror on the WallBrenda Yoho of Be the Solution Daily

Consistency in what you say and do, today, tomorrow, and every day after. Believe entirely in what you are doing because the perspective of others is what counts in making the change! “Mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it, to see a better world.” Connect with Brenda on Twitter @BrendaYoho.




High-performance culture: be vulnerableMarcella Bremer of Positive Culture

A high-performance culture is a collaborative, learning culture. Sharing vulnerability is crucial for both. How can we do that as professionals? Let’s learn, ask more questions and be courageous enough to be vulnerable. Read the research and examples here. Connect with Marcella on Twitter @MarcellaBremer.


The Power of Boundary SettingEileen McDargh

When it comes to burnout the number one action you can take is setting boundaries. The ability to say “no” or “not now” is a gift not only to yourself but also to others. Connect with Eileen on Twitter @macdarling.


Big Hammer or Small Blade? What it Really Takes to Achieve Your GoalsKen Downer of Rapid Start Leadership

Whatever your personal or professional goals, it’s easy to fall into the fiction that one big effort – a simple pill, a secret hack, or a blow from a magical hammer – will get us there. But like Thor’s hammer, that approach is a myth. When it comes to achievement, there is a better approach we can employ, which may be best explained using an oddly shaped chunk of apple tree. Connect with Ken on Twitter @RapidStartLdr.


When Confident People Worry They Won’t SucceedMarcia Reynolds of Covisioning Transformational Leadership

When faced with a new job or project, is your anxiety normal? Instead of worrying about your mental health, this post will help you shift how you feel as you step into the unknown. Connect with Marcia on Twitter  @marciareynolds.

and more


Team Building in a Remote or Hybrid OfficeBill Treasurer of Giant Leap Consulting

The pandemic has forced a change in the way we work, as well as where we work. As many organizations return to work, many more are reminding remote, or exploring creating a hybrid office. Working relationships have been strained as we faced the changes over the last 20 months, but one thing that has stayed the same is that collaboration and teamwork are essential to a thriving organization. Connect with Bill on Twitter @btreasurer.


Being a Leader of ConscienceJon Mertz of Thin Difference

What does a leader of conscience mean? It begins with character to avoid distorted values with a centered focus on virtues of humanity. A leader of conscience engages in community conversations and identifies what virtues to act upon in the choices being made. Connect with Jon on Twitter @thindifference.


10 Things Leaders Should Remember about PeopleWally Bock of Three Star Leadership

You can’t accomplish the mission alone and it won’t happen by itself. People are the key to success. Connect with Wally on Twitter @WallyBock.


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