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Growing Your Business Means Growing Your People


Career development remains a top reason employees give for joining an organization and, unfortunately, it’s a top reason people give for leaving. But to limit development to the realm of retention or recruitment strategies undermines its power and fails to take into account the range of benefits associated with helping others grow.

In the spirit of the season – and to lighten your summer reading load – we’ve created an infographic that summarizes some of what career development can deliver and four principles at the root of positive and sustainable development. (Thanks to graphics guru, LaRay Gates, for this clever design.)

I’d love your feedback. Happy (light) reading!


  1. Awesome infographic Julie … it really shows the why of growing talent. Brilliant!

  2. Awesome…easy and straightforward. Now if only people take the steps…

    • Thanks, Faiza! You are so right… the challenge of the knowing-doing gap!

  3. I love the infographic, it’s a great way to display what matters, Julie. Nice metaphor of roots and leaves.

  4. I feel what you have just said is spot on, invest more in people as they will give you back, the work nature is gradual changing, people can fit in where ever they want to, like I adjusted in Logo Design Company, they literally looked after me and now that company is growing massively this shows comfort is also the key to success.


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