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Log On to Listen

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The changing nature of communication is a popular topic in professional journals and water-cooler conversations. The use of electronic media — e-mail, texts, instant messaging, discussion boards, social media and more — is applauded or vilified. But everyone agrees on one thing: technology has dramatically changed the business landscape and nature of communication. In this ongoing dialogue, considerable attention is given to how to communicate online and advice abounds: Keep it short and to the point; Make sure your subject line includes the action required; If you wouldn’t say it to the other person, don’t write it; etc. But few …

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“Not My Decision”: Constructive Responses to Workplace Decisions You Wouldn’t Have Made

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Last week, many Americans had a profound experience of what employees encounter routinely on the job: responding to a decision they don’t support but must still live with. In organizations worldwide, strategies are set, markets are selected, tactics are identified…and not everyone agrees with the direction. When confronted with these situations, it’s easy for employees to feel powerless and out of control. Yet no matter the issue or the organizational level (of those deciding or those following in the wake of the decision), what remains well within each individual’s control is how he or she responds. Employees who find the …

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