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From Team Building to Team Bonding

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How much does your organization spend each year to hire, train, support and bring together the right team? How much time is invested in off-sites, ropes courses, style profiles, and other events designed to build team cohesion and results? How happy are you with the outcome? Most organizations invest heavily in activities designed to build teams and support the results they are capable of delivering. But team-building is just a stop on the road to your ultimate endgame. Consistently delivering superior results, quarter after quarter and client after client, demands going farther. It demands team-bonding. Teams that are “built” may …

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The Work of ColLABORation

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Done well, collaboration looks effortless. It appears to be a fluid give-and-take, a hand-in-glove partnership among individuals who make it all look natural and easy. But these appearances belie the fact that ‘labor’ is at the center of collaboration… and that most collaboration is the result of very deliberate work and attention. Take Kym, a highly successful leader in an engineering firm… and someone who is universally recognized as a world-class collaborator. Kym explains that running in the background behind everything she does is an intentional mental process. She consciously works to approach each situation and opportunity in a way …

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