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Risky business: Strategies to encourage employee risk-taking

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Failure is getting considerable attention in leadership and management circles these days. Articles, books, and keynote speeches preach the value of mistakes and learning from failure. The current dialogue begins once the mistake or failure occurs and addresses how to leverage it for maximum return. But before any of this is possible, the employee must first take a risk. Risk is defined as a ‘situation that involves exposure to danger.’ And in today’s workplace, the dangers are very real. Years of delayering, outsourcing, and right-sizing have left employees insecure. It’s been a buyer’s job market for as long as some …

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Perfectionism vs. Persistence

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Leaders have a great deal riding on them. Their employees, bosses, customers, and organizations need and expect a lot. For many, this breeds an intense experience of pressure. A belief that there’s no room for error. That everything’s got to be perfect. That they must get it right. For many, this transforms healthy persistence into the unhealthy expression of perfectionism. Perfectionism is a frequently-noted derailer across industries and leadership levels. And it’s damaging to all involved. The perfectionistic leader can experience stress, isolation, procrastination, and risk-avoidance that hurts himself and the business. Those who report to perfectionistic leaders suffer as …

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