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Curiosity is the New Black

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Are you looking for a skill that’s always in style, goes with anything and makes a bold statement wherever it goes? Look no further; simply consider curiosity. Depending upon whom you ask, curiosity is defined as a competency, skill, quality, or emotion. It’s the capacity to demonstrate keen interest, an inquisitiveness spirit, an eager drive to understand, and an appetite for experimentation. No matter how you define it, there’s a growing agreement that curiosity is a vital (and too frequently missing) ingredient in today’s workplace. There’s also agreement that it’s gaining attention and a prominent seat at the leadership table. …

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OCD: The Unexpected Trait That Employees Want (And Organizations Need ) Most In A Leader

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While obsessive-compulsive disorder may come in handy in some business settings, the ‘OCD’ that employees want most from their leaders is something very different. It’s an obsession with career development. According to a recent study by Lee Hecht Harrison, 91% of employees polled report that career development is among their top priorities. Being able to learn, grow, and expand their capacity is of vital importance to most individuals.  It’s also of vital importance to organizations interested in staying ahead of the customer demand curve, continuously improving products and services, and delivering shareholder value. Yet only a small percentage of employees are actually …

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