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How Do Your Employees Define Success?

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When employees succeed in their careers, so do their teams, departments, functions and organizations.  As a result, businesses work diligently to develop systems and processes to promote career development; leaders grapple with how to help people reach their goals given structures that are flatter and leaner than ever before. Too frequently though, these efforts are based upon assumptions that may not be accurate for all employees. They center on promotions and pay increases….which, in today’s business climate can be in short supply. But, the good news is that these factors may not play as prominent a role in an employee’s …

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The 8 Kinds of Leadership Your Team Needs from You

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Guest Post by Victor Prince Today’s guest post is by Victor Prince, co-author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results (you can order your copy by clicking here).  I’m really excited about this book that he wrote with Mike Figliuolo. I’ve come to expect practical/actionable leadership wisdom from these two… and this new book doesn’t disappoint! We hear the phrase “think outside the box” a lot. If “the box” is something that is stifling creativity, it sounds like something to avoid. But when “the box” is a framework that smart leaders use to get better results from their …

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