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Who Are You BEING as a Leader?

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Guest Post by Henna Inam I’m thrilled to host this guest post from Henna Inam whose book, Wired for Authenticity, launched this week.  Henna makes a powerful business case for authenticity… but she makes and equally powerful human case for it as well. Looking to reduce stress, enhance trust, and be able to pivot more nimbly in today’s chaotic workplace? Authenticity is the answer! Who we become as leaders comes not from books or training but from paying attention to the small and big choices we make every day. Just last week my 16-year old called me in a panic around …

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Finding the “motive” in motivation

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For decades, management science has concerned itself with researching and developing sophisticated systems for understanding and unleashing employee motivation. In organizations, we’ve experimented with countless combinations of possible solutions to arrive at that magical motivational mix. We’ve tried: Compensation, bonuses, and different takes on doling out the almighty dollar to inspire employees Recognition in a variety of flavors, including verbal reinforcement, physical tokens and reminders, and exotic trips Team structures that support relationships and greater autonomy Enticing work spaces (because what says ‘motivation’ more than a pool table and hanging out with Fido from 9 to 5?) Flexible schedules and …

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The Pernicious 4Ps that Undermine Career Development Satisfaction

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Career development consistently appears at the bottom of most organizations’ climate and engagement surveys. Employees routinely express their displeasure with the options, possibilities, and moves available to them… as well as the organization’s overall commitment to their growth. And managers are no happier. They lament the time they must find – generally deep into their nights and weekends – to support the development of those who report to them. If you find yourself in either camp, it’s likely that a large source of the problem – and your unhappiness with career development – traces back to one of the pernicious …

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