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Carnival of HR: The Emerging Trends Edition

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As mid-year approaches, it’s the ideal time to step back and reflect on some of the most profound Human Resources trends, patterns, and challenges… and, more importantly, identify what organizations could/should do to respond to them. Some of the best thinkers in the field share their observations and recommendations that HR – and all leaders in all functions – may want to seriously consider as they build plans to bring home strong results this year and beyond. You’ll be informed by authors, practitioners, and experts who are grappling with these challenges everyday.  And you just might be inspired to respond …

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Great Work = Great Career Development

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While most organizations expect great work, we don’t necessarily take the time to identify what actually contributes to it. In his book, Great Work, David Sturt has done that for us. Drawing on the research of O.C. Tanner and a Forbes Insight Study of over 1,000 individuals, five key skills or behaviors have emerged: Ask the right questions. See for yourself. Talk to your outer circle. Improve the mix. Deliver the difference. While driving great work, these behaviors also create a framework for great career development. Ask the right questions. Career development is not about paths, promotions or moves…it’s all …

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Brand Boring

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A prospective client asked to talk with me recently. (To protect her identity, we’ll call her Lara.)  Lara’s executives wanted to clarify and begin driving a leadership brand throughout the organization. What unfolded during our conversation was a plan whereby their values, credo, code of conduct, and core competencies would converge into a leadership profile that would drive all recruiting, selection, training, and succession strategies. Their objective: to establish a consistent expression of leadership that would be recognizable worldwide. I had a strong reaction to the request. I think I was offended. Or maybe I was just experiencing sympathetic claustrophobia …

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