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Stop Driving Employees Nuts

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This article originally appeared at SmartBlog on Leadership in November 2012. After dedicating a large portion of my professional life to helping leaders develop new skills to improve workplace performance, I’ve come to a startling (and perhaps career-limiting) conclusion: Employee engagement, motivation, and results are less about introducing new leadership behaviors and more about just stopping the stuff that makes employees crazy. Let me frame this as a little parable. Leaders in a mythical company worked diligently to create a lovely gardened footpath. They design it to honor, inspire and rejuvenate the workforce. But no one used it. Why? Because …

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Measuring Career Development Success

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Metrics and data are the name of the game today.  Since what gets measured gets managed, organizations and the leaders running them are constantly searching for ways to quantify the impact of their initiatives and efforts.  Some dimensions – like sales or customer service – are fairly easy to wrap numbers around.  Others present real challenges.  And career development is in this latter group. We know that career development – like eating vegetables – is good for us. Global data builds a case for it.  But what about at an individual organizational level?  How can anyone – from the CEO …

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What’s Your ‘Leader-Print’?

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This article first appeared at Lead Change Group in July 2012. Ever wonder why there are more than 350,000 leadership titles on The plethora of models, seminars, speakers, authors, and books on the topic confirms something I’ve been thinking for a while: leadership is less a science (or even an art); it’s more an individual expression… as unique and one-of-a-kind as a snowflake or a leader’s own fingerprint. No wonder so many people have such different takes on it! This expression of leadership is born from the full range of our experiences. Upbringing and parents. Relationships.Work. Other responsibilities. We …

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