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The Kids’ Table

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What happened to ‘employee involvement’? Has it gone out of vogue?  Has it been replaced by new initiatives?  These are questions I’ve come up against recently as I’ve worked with organizations across a variety of industries. The most pointed (and poignant) way I’ve heard the issue raised was from a gracious, intelligent, capable professional who shared: “I feel like they’re making me sit at the kids’ table.” We all can relate to this. Remember those awkward ‘tween years when you weren’t grown up enough to join the adults but were clearly too grown up to eat with the kiddies with …

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Is it Time to Kill off ‘Career’?

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Each year, Merriam-Webster and others add countless new words to the dictionary. But, are words ever deleted? If so, I might suggest ‘career’ as a possible contender. Used in conjunction with so many other terms – like development, progression, success, etc. – in recent years, ‘career’ has contributed to untold dissatisfaction, disengagement, demotivation, and general angst in the workplace. The Problem: Over the past decade, the workplace has experienced seismic shifts: Leaner, meaner organizations are the norm. Layers of leadership have been removed. In many industries and segments, attrition lags behind expectations due to baby boomers working longer. At the …

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Looking for Lasting Commitment… Beyond Engagement

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Leaders are enamored with employee engagement. They repeatedly conduct surveys to assess it and hold meetings to address it. Yet, despite the millions of dollars that are invested annually, engagement continues to be among employees’ biggest disappointments and management’s top challenges. Maybe it’s time to re-think our expectations… to reframe the issue… to take the next logical step. What’s beyond engagement?  Well, in life outside of work, it’s typically marriage. ROMANTIC PARALLELS Couples enter into a romantic engagement as a transition to another, more committed state. In 2010, the average time from proposal to wedding was 15 months. ‘Five years’ …

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