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Develop a Growth Mindset Through Design Thinking

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Guest Post by Jeanne M. Liedtka, Randy Salzman, and Daisy Azer I’m delighted to host this guest post featuring lessons from the trenches found in Design Thinking for the Greater Good: Innovation in the Social Sector.  This newly released book is a study of design-led innovation projects by Jeanne M. Liedtka, Randy Salzman and Daisy Azer in which the authors demonstrate how design thinking principles reduce risk, manage change, bridge communication gaps and manage competing demands of diverse stakeholders. Design Thinking for the Greater Good is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local bookstore. Design thinking is a …

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Closing the “discretionary effort” gap

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Be honest. If you had a gas or water leak, you’d fix it. If an investment was draining your portfolio, you’d sell. So, why are so many smart leaders willing to accept “discretionary effort” as an inevitable feature of — and drain on — business today? Why do we allow employee energy — a precious natural resource — to routinely be wasted? Condoned sub-optimization Discretionary effort is the difference between the effort an employee is capable of bringing to a job or task and the effort actually required to just get by. According to Impact Achievement Group research, “The average …

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Striving for Second… or Maybe Third

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I ran for and was elected to one of three open local school board seats earlier this month. The experience was filled with learning… about politics, our community, campaigning, and myself! As a Type A, highly driven, excellence-oriented achiever, I’m accustomed to setting my sights for the top. The highest A in a class, sales leader, #1 utilization rate, off-the-charts end-of-class ratings. Like so many others (you included, I would imagine), I have spent a lifetime developing an unconscious habit of striving for the top… in all things – those that matter and those that don’t.  School. Work. Words with …

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Want to Kill Young Workers’ Motivation and Drive? Utter These 4 Words

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Commencement season is in full bloom. And many organizations are looking forward to an influx of freshly-minted graduates within their ranks. Potential and excitement fill the air. The opportunity to develop, inspire, engage, and grow these new workplace entrants is great. So is the potential to kill their motivation and drive… with just four small words. I met a young man in his mid-20’s recently who shared with me his plans to change jobs. He’d been with his current employer for a couple of years, taking on increasing levels of responsibility. He didn’t mind the additional work without a title …

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